16 November
Ujiden Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was established through a partnership between Ujigawa Electric Co., Ltd. in Osaka city (currently Kansai Electric Power Company, but no capital relationship with this company now.) and Nishiyama Gomei Kaisha (unlimited partnership) in Kochi City.
President: Uichiro Koike/ Capital: 600,000 yen/145 employees.

10 June
The first factory was completed and production began. Due to the lack of materials during the war, all buildings were made of wood. The electric furnace was a three-phase Héroult open-type arc furnace with five heating systems. Maximum 600KVA, usually 500KVA.
1 November
Sales of alundum (current JIS-A high alumina quality) abrasive grain "Tosandam". Its sales were outsourced to Nishiyama Gomei Kaisha.
December 14
The head office of Nishiyama Gomei Kaisha in Tanezakicho was completely burned down. It was relocated to the current site, in front of Kochi Station after reconsideration of site conditions.

After purchasing ingots, Tosa Emery was invented by crushing and sizing Tosandum, and the sale of Tosa Emery began.
A used conical ball mill was introduced.
A processing plant branch was established and the production of "Tosa Emery" fine powder began.

Production and sale of artificial emery Tosa Emery Extra of higher quality than imported natural emery began.
A ceremony for the new product was held.

Production of Tosandam was halted and a full-scale production system for Tosa Emery Extra began.

To expand the export of Tosa Emery Extra, we made overseas business trips for market research and technical services at our export destinations such as Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The Osaka branch office was established.

Our capital increased to 60 million yen.

The Tokyo office was established to collect market information mainly about technology services.

Increased in capital to 150 million yen.

The development of plastic media (PC) began.

The development and sale of Tosa Abrasives began.
The plastic media (PC) prototype plant was completed and plastic media sales began.

Business division system was established. Development Department, General Affairs Department, Emery Division, Ceramic Division. The Osaka branch office was renamed to the Osaka Marketing Center and the Tokyo branch office was renamed to the Tokyo R&D Center.

16 November
The 50th anniversary ceremony was held.

The development of dry compounds began.
The wet high speed centrifugal barrel polishing machine (LC920 type).was completed.
The sale of dry tumbling media began.

The dry high speed centrifugal barrel polishing machine (LC1000 type) was completed.
The sale of dry compounds began.

The sale of recycled stones began (Practical use of remelted slag began).

The 60th anniversary celebration and commemorative ceremony were held.

SO9002 (production of artificial emery abrasives) was obtained.
The sale of the dry polishing systems began.

ISO 9001:2000 (design, development and production of artificial emery abrasives) was obtained.

ISO 9001:2008 (design, development and production of artificial emery abrasives) was obtained.

Market research for business expansion in Germany began.

Regenerated abrasive grain business began.
Tosa Fine Polish production began.

The Osaka Office was relocated.

MARIMO nanograin business began.

The sales of TSB began.

The sales office was established in Germany.
A new barrel equipped with IoT was exhibited at the Machine Element Technology Exhibition.

Exhibition at the Deburring EXPO, which was a deburring and polishing technology exhibition in Germany
Exhibition at 30th China International Surface Treatment Exhibition

The Kagami factory was completed (East Kochi).
CE certification was obtained for the barrel polishing machine for the European market. The sales began.
The yard for materials used to produce Tosa Emery was completed.

The comprehensive cooperation agreement was concluded with Kochi University of Technology.
The 80th anniversary celebration and commemoration were held.

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