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Many companies are feeling the importance of creating new businesses and entering different industries due to technological advances such as IoT and AI, market maturity, and diversifying customer needs.
Therefore, what is gaining attention right now is “corporate collaboration” and “open innovation” in which companies collaborate not only within their own companies resources but also with other companies and research institutions to create new worth by utilizing each other's technologies and ideas.
In 1992, our company received the following request, "Is it possible to manufacture zirconia-based refractory materials with the technology of electric furnaces?" which is required in the manufacturing process of abrasives. We are pleased to help our customers solve problems such as these and to continue to develop new products.
Other companies began to acknowledge this attitude and the phrase “Ask UJIDEN when you have a problem” became widespread and frequently heard in the industry.
Aiming to be a manufacturing company that remains in business for 100 years, we are taking on new challenges with the idea that "a new business model based on polishing and manufacturing technology will make us a manufacturer needed in various fields."
Indeed, the awareness of the era as a whole matches what we have been promoting since the establishment of our company, that is "coexistence and co-prosperity."

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