Company Philosophy

Company Philosophy

We drive toward technology break through,
to realize customer benefits, and
contribute to the development of the whole society.

Company Policies


We prioritise safety
We improve quality and processing
We eliminate unreasonableness, waste, and irregularities
We please our customers with our work
We work in good faith
We always work using creativity
We develop as persons through our work

Management Policy

Combine the wisdom of all employees to improve the productivity as a team

Manufacturing Department : Each team unitedly works to solve problems, make improvements, and enhance productivity
Development Department : Introducing new value by responding to requests from our users and partners
Sales Department : Each team pursues efficiency and productivity, and contributes to the customers' benefit by responding promptly and considerately to their needs
Management Department : Contributing to productivity improvement by optimization of the whole company
Finance Department : Reviewing operations to promote labor saving and automation for realization of profit generation

Quality Policies

We all unitedly work together to comply with our quality management system to meet the demands from our customers and gain their satisfaction and trust. We also promote the following activities.

1. We always provide our customers with products and services of their desired quality, price, delivery time and method required to achieve high customer satisfaction each day.

2. We strive to evaluate and improve the quality of our product and processes, which meet customer needs in a timely and appropriate manner.

3. We continuously review and improve our quality management system for further effectiveness.

Company Quality Goal

By reducing costs, speeding up services, and improving services, we wish to improve customer satisfactionand achieve theprofit target of the company based on technological development.

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Head Office : 5-7-34 Sanbashidoori, Kochi-shi, Kochi, 781-8010 Japan

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